SIMPLICITY - The Business Accelerator

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During this 10 week program we’ll cover:
  1. Being authentic, so you build a business that fulfils you
  2. Getting clear on your customer, so you know where and how to find them
  3. Refining your offering, so you have something that your customers really want to buy
  4. Mastering your money, so you price properly and make a living 
  5. Owning your story, so you communicate with confidence and ease about your business
  6. Attracting your fans, so you can nurture relationships and make sales

In this unique accelerator, you'll get:

  • 6 live training modules to teach you those business skills you’re missing, so you can plug your gaps and run your business like a boss.
  • 10 group coaching sessions with me to troubleshoot your challenges and provide you with the accountability you need to take action, attract customers and start to make money.
  • Exercises and support documents for each module so you’re never left alone to figure out how to implement what you’ve learned.

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